On Shitty Friends & Depression

Being depressed usually causes anti-social tendencies: unanswered texts, broken plans, and, worst of all, loss of friends.

The friends you had when you were introduced to depression are what I like to call first wave friends. A few might’ve hung around but most scattered when your normal happy self became the exception instead of the rule.

You see, depression can teach you a lot about friendship. Partly because it shows you what crappy friends are like, including yourself (yeah, sometimes you’re to blame). But it also gives you a new appreciation for having true friends you can turn to and confide in.

After going through your first encounter with depression and first wave of friends, you no longer want to settle for mediocre friendships: you want the best.

Somone you could call day or night.

Someone that can look at your face, see something’s wrong AND cares enough to ask.

Someone that empathizes.

Someone that listens.

Someone that loves.

Someone that calls you on your bullshit.

Someone who’s actions matches their words.

Someone that gives just as much as they take.

Anything less is not a friend.

Stop wasting time on friends that get swept up in the current. Here one day, gone the next.

You deserve better.

You’re the ocean and your friend the sand. When your depression washes over, together you’ll stand. And one day, when they need you, too. You’ll weather their storm as they did for you.



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