On Letting Go and Holding On

Letting go is hard. Like, really hard. Sometimes impossibly hard.

But, holding on is also hard. Clinging to pain and broken promises and shattered friendships only feeds  your anxiety and depression. It brings about loneliness and longing, all in one sweep. It eats at you until you want to say screw it and let go.

But you can’t. Because letting go is fucking hard. Even when the person doesn’t deserve a 4th and 5th chance. Even when you claim you don’t care. Even after hours, days, weeks of silence. Even when you delete them from your life. Letting go is still hard.

But one day, you’ll look up and realize that letting go is easier than holding on.

Letting go is being out of breath but holding on is being smothered.

Holding on robs you of your  air, suffocating you from the inside out.

So let go.

Save yourself.



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