Nature walks and depression

Standing in the middle of the forest, eyes fixated on the skies and the trees, the cool air washes over, and for once, you feel alive.

But only for a second. Then you realize you’re not alone. You’re surrounded by people who all seem to be with their families and friends.

Their faces blur as you look pass them to ignore their smiles. Trying really hard to push down all feelings of resentment and jealously.

You turn your music up louder. Walk faster. Breathe deeper. Trying to focus on the nature surrounding you. It’s just you and the thousands of trees in the forest.

Then you look up and realize you’re not alone. You can recognize your old friend hiding in the brush: depression.

She’s back and she refuses to leave your side. You walk through the forest trying to escape her but you can’t.

And you think for a second, maybe, just maybe, having her with you is better than being all alone.



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